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Does Fr3shY Deserve Douche of the Week?
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Does Fr3shY Deserve Douche of the Week?
 88% [ 7 ]
 12% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8

Nub Sauce
Nub Sauce

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PostSubject: Fr3shY   Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:00 am

So a kid named PokerPro comes to the ScoutzKnivez server with a bunch of his kiddie friends. They kept talking about poker and how they made or could have made like $10000000 last night. I got an idea to send them to Meatspin. Here's the steam chat:

Quote :
Fr3shY: kk go to makemoniesonline.com
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: you fucker
Fr3shY: dude it work?
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: its fuck meatspin
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: why did you do that you fuck
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: omg!!
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: s
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: rg'
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: dhd
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: h
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: d
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: h
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: dg
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: hg
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: h
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: g
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: h
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: g
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: this fucking shit won't close
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: it just keeps saying some right round shit
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: omfg
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: dude wtf
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: are you gay?
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: like cock
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: i bet
Fr3shY: oh lol my fucking friend
Fr3shY: dude its wowomg.com
Fr3shY: lol
Fr3shY: really sorry
Fr3shY: dude my friend got pissed at me
Fr3shY: and gave me the wrong link
Fr3shY: try that site
Fr3shY: lol
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: ok
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: ...
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: god amn
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: man
Fr3shY: what?
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: wtf is your problem
Fr3shY: cmon man i wanna play
Fr3shY: lets go!
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: ya sick queer
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: fuck you
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: man
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: thats gay
Fr3shY: k lol that was the initiation for our clan
Fr3shY: you passed
Fr3shY: are you interested in joining?
Fr3shY: we get sponsored
Fr3shY: so everyone gets their own server
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: what the fag clan
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: free
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: ?
Fr3shY: yeah
Fr3shY: thats what sponsored means
Fr3shY: you're good
Fr3shY: really good
Fr3shY: and we want you to join
Fr3shY: we have a forums setup
Fr3shY: nphect.darkbb.com
Fr3shY: go and register
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: i really dont want to join
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: are we going to pay poker?
Fr3shY: Well I mean, we're offering 1-2 servers for anyone who is a member.
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: or was that a lie
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: i have my own sever
Fr3shY: oh okay
Fr3shY: well we can sponsor your clan if you want
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: nah im good
Fr3shY: oh alright no prob
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: so are we going to play poker?
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: or not
Fr3shY: yeah sure the site
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: you want a site?
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: or you sending me one
Fr3shY: http://xr.com/playpoker
Fr3shY: that site is the right one finally
Fr3shY: i checked myself
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: lol
Fr3shY: cilck the signup button on the top left
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: nice
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: you rick rolled me
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: ...
Fr3shY: dude are you hacking me?
Fr3shY: im going to call the cops
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: ?
Fr3shY: cause i entered that in and it was fucking a poker site
Fr3shY: you're changing my computer so that goes to fucking bullshit
Fr3shY: dude im gonna tell me uncle
Fr3shY: he works with some cybercrime division bullshit here
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: wtf im not doing any thing
Fr3shY: thats a lie
Fr3shY: dude stop
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro: dude i didn't do shit, please stop!!!
[SoS]Pres.PokerPro is now Offline

I hope he pooped his pants. /douche

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N.Phected God
N.Phected God

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Age : 91
Location : Texas

PostSubject: Re: Fr3shY   Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:59 pm

Wow, that's douche.

To crash a Counter Strike: Source server, you will need to find the location of the server.
Next step is to get yourself an automobile. This is a very important step. A motorbike is fine, too.
Drive your transportation system into the server room, and voila! You have yourself a crashed server.

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Ultra Member
Ultra Member

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Location : In players pants.

PostSubject: Re: Fr3shY   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:37 am

hahaha pwnd
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PostSubject: Re: Fr3shY   

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